Automatic Holiday Watering System (Aquapod) will automatically water your patio, garden pots and hanging baskets, freeing you up to enjoy your garden.

With 5 simple components to fit, the Aquapod can be easily installed in just 5 minutes.

The Aquapod can reduce your water usage by an amazing 90% in comparison to a traditional watering can.

The Aquapod’s leak free design comes with a two-year guarantee.

The Aquapod is easy to hide, and even easier to store away thanks to its retractable micro pipelines. You can change the position of your plants in only 2 minutes and add up to 9 more Aquapods to water up to 39 individual pots.

This kit contains an AC1+ water computer, a pressure reducing connector, 20m of hose , two AquaPods, and 10 stakes. This kit will automatically water up to 10 pots / containers.

The Aquapod system is perfect for keeping seed trays moist in a green-house, although its best used in combination with capillary matting.