Easyclear 3000: 3003

EasyClear 3000 Clearwater and Fountain Pump

Complete Clear and Healthy Pond Solution

Key Features

The EasyClear 3000 is a fully integrated in-pond filters which combine offer the following benefits:

  • An efficient integrated pump.
  • Foam filters to ensure crystal clear water.
  • Kaldnes biomedia to ensure healthy fish and plants.
  • A 5w UVC to eliminate green water.
  • Choice of fountain or waterfall.
  • Easy installation with just one power cable.
  • Easy, tool free maintenance.
  • Suitable for ponds up to 3000 ltrs

    Please see Pond Sizing information to ensure that you choose the right EasyClear 3000 pump for your pond. For additional information please see the Perfect Ponds Made Simple guide.


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