Bioforce 5500: 1384

Bioforce is a pressurised system that means a smaller, less obtrusive container size is needed and it can be buried next to the pond out of sight. Pressure also means that filtered water can travel up to the top of a waterfall without the need to be placed at the same high level.

Mechanical Filtration

  • Through flow coarse foams reduce the filter cleaning frequency.
  • Profiled foams present a larger surface area for the efficient removal of waste.
  • Layered foam makes thorough cleaning easy.


Biological Filtration

Bioforce has an excellent biological filtration with Kaldnes K3 biomedia exclusive to Hozelock Cyprio filter systems. Kaldnes is scientifically proven and in widespread use in industrial water purification processes. As a result, it has vastly superior biological capacity compared to other biomedia used in pond filtration.

UVC - Ultra-violet Clarifier

High efficiency single-ended UV lamps and in-built water turbulator ensures maximum water treatment and the elimination of green water.

The Bioforce 5500 includes an integral 9W UVC.

Easy Cleaning

The full Bioforce range has an easy clean backfluh facility for flushing debris out of the filter, thereby extending the time between thorough foam cleaning. This is also aided by the use of flow through coarse foams, which efficiently remove waste particles whilst also reducing cleaning frequency..

Key Features

Suitable for ponds up to 5,500 ltr (660 gals)

Replacement foam advice

If a filter uses more than one foam component – never replace all foams at the same time. 

Replace 25-30% of the foams then wait a couple of days and repeat, make sure you arrange the foams by order of grade from fine to coarse.  This reduces the risk of killing nitrifying bacteria that are essential to maintaining a functioning pond filter.  
Feeding should be stopped or considerably reduced until all the foams are replaced.

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