The Auto Reel is an automatic rewind wall mounted hose reel. Available in 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m versions.

The Auto Reel range is designed to automatically rewind the garden hose without any kinks, tangles or effort. It’s also made in Britain! 

Each Auto Reel is crafted for easy unwinding of the hose, giving you an effortless means of distributing water around your garden. The Auto Reel locks into position the moment no more hose is required, meaning that you are left to enjoy watering your garden rather than holding your hose in place. When finished, a small pull of the hose releases the locking mechanism, leaving Auto Reel's patented automatic rewind system to take over. A powerful spring rewinds the hose whilst the layering mechanism neatly coils the hose back into the protective case without any kinks, tangles, knots or effort from you. 

Each Auto Reel Includes:


  • Tough, durable anti-kink three layer braided hose.
  • Tough protective, UV stabilised case – offering protection to the hose and extending its life
  • Factory fitted 2m feeder hose easily connects the Auto Reel to your tap. This can be extended using any 12.5mm hose if required.
  • On/off spray nozzle with variable spray options.
  • All necessary fittings - 3/4" and 1/2" BSP tap connector and hose end connector, allowing the feeder hose to be fitted to an outdoor tap. A water stop connector enabling the nozzle to be connected to the hose.
  • Wall bracket, screws and wall plugs
  • Full instructions
  • 2 year guarantee