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Hozelock are pleased to announce that we have won the GIMA Best of British Award and Export Achievement Award for our 40m Auto Reel and the Point of Sale Award for the Auto Reel Video Unit.

The awards, regarded by suppliers and retailers as the most prestigious in the industry, are judged by a panel of independent and influential judges drawn from the industry and representing top independent and multiple buyers and technical experts from the world of marketing and media.

The judges viewed the Auto Reel, an automatic rewind wall mounted hose reel , as an example of real innovation in the category. The new Auto Reel mechanism is the secret that makes the 40m length possible. It is very easy to use, smoothly unwinds and slowly rewinds the hose without any kinks, tangles, knots or effort.

The original Hozelock 20m Auto Reel was launched in 1999. Due to it's success, our International customers requested a longer version to satisfy demand from consumers with larger gardens (gardens in Sweden, France, and Germany, are typically larger than 20m). In September 2010, we launched totally new, 30 and 40 m versions of our best selling Auto Reel. Our UK engineers had finally overcome significant challenges to design an easy to unwind hose reel, that will rewind in the cold Springs of Scandinavia, as reliably as the hot summers of Iberica. The new Auto Reels, automatically rewind 40m of hose, with no kinks, tangles or knots. The response has been almost overwhelming, we enjoy widespread listings with almost all key European retailers. We've had major promotions supported by TV advertising in France, Spain, Belgium, and Holland and driven orders on the new reels. In France we were awarded the prestigious Le palmarès – Trophée d’Or at the 2011 Paris Fair. Auto Reel is a British success story. Designed, engineered and built in Britain, for gardeners all over the world.

We were also finalists in the categories: Equipment & Sundries, Product Packaging, Best Consumer Marketing and Sword of Excellence.

The 2011 GIMA Awards took place at the Midland Hotel in Manchester on 14 July. Nearly 400 guests sat down to enjoy a glittering evening of celebration and entertainment and a fantastic night was had by all. 

For a press release and the full results, please click here 

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