The Hozelock range of large carts is designed specifically to offer a strong and effective means of storing, transporting and using your hose in the garden. It’s also made in Britain!

Complete with long towing handle and large, sturdy wheels the new Hozelock carts are designed to be manoeuvred over a range wide of terrains. When stationary the wheels are slightly lifted from the ground, meaning the cart stays exactly where it is meant to when winding and unwinding the hose. With the cart firmly grounded the long rewind handle makes light work of recoiling your hose back onto the cart, saving you both time and effort. When finished the long towing handle neatly slides within the cart and with a simple tightening of the locking collar the cart can be easily lifted and stored. The Hozelock carts, the perfect way to transport water to you garden.

Features include:

  • Long telescopic handle for easy towing and storage
  • Locking collar enabling you to adjust the height of the handle to suit your needs
  • Long comfortable rewind handle for effortless rewinding of hose
  • Large sturdy wheels giving great mobility over a range of terrains