Choose the type of hose reel that is right for you

How many times have you fallen over your hose? Or accidentally mowed it because you didn't see it strewn on the lawn? When you've finished watering the garden, do you simply leave your hose in a tangled mess draped on the tap? Or do you gather it up, and shove it into the shed, where it stays until the next time? And when you retrieve it next time, will you spend ages untangling it before you can even begin watering the garden, or cleaning the car?

Hozelock has a hose storage product to suit everyone, whatever the size of your garden. If you don’t know what you need, just keep reading and let us help you to choose the right hose reel for you.

Just want something to do the job?

Manual Rewind
These hose reels are basic and easy to use; simply turn the handle and, using your other hand, simply guide the hosepipe back onto the reel, where it will stay neat and tidy until you’re ready to use it again.

Rather keep your hands clean?

Easy Rewind
Like to garden in your Sunday best? These hose reels let you use and store your hose without getting your hands dirty; simply turn the handle and they will automatically layer the hose back onto the reel for you, keeping your hands nice and clean.

Does rewinding make you weary?

Auto Rewind
We think that there’s more to life than rewinding a hose, too, that’s why we invented the world’s first automatically rewinding hose reel. Just pull out as much hose as you need and, when you’ve finished using it, simple walk the hose back to the reel.

[Spraying - Small]
[Watering - Small]