Growbag Waterer Competition

Garden Club Exclusive!

Millions of growbags are sold in the UK every year – however a large number of growers are frustrated by the results at the end of the season. The most common failure is down to watering – either too much or not enough!

If you are one of those that were disappointed this year with how your vegetables grew in growbags then the new Growbag Waterer from Hozelock could be the answer.

The Growbag Waterer is a quick and convenient way to ensure growing success.

Simply place the growbag on top of the waterer and the capillary matting transfers water from the reservoir to the compost. The clever capillary action only transfers as much as required – never too much – so plants get constant hydration, and hence better growing results.

Our studies showed 50% better results against traditional growbag watering techniques.


This new product isn’t available until Spring next year – but if you would like to get your hands on one before anyone else and agree to share your Growbag Waterer growing results with us then please emails us a photo of your growbag growing success (or failure) from this year along with a few lines to say why you would like to trial one of these fantastic new products to us at .

The closing date for entries is October 31st 2012. We’ll select the winners within in 1 working week and will notify the winners shortly afterwards.

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