Save water in the garden

  • Don’t water when it’s not needed, stick a finger into the soil to find out if it’s really dry.
  • Water early or late in the day to avoid evaporation. Water evaporates faster at midday.
  • Make sure you water directly at the base of plants where the water is needed rather than the leaves.AquaPod
  • Applying a layer of mulch, like bark chips, helps prevent water evaporating before reaching the roots.
  • Install a drip irrigation system, such as a Hozelock AquaPod, to deliver water precisely and economically directly to the plants.
  • Fit a Hozelock waterstop connector to the end of your hose so that the water flow stops automatically as soon as you disconnect your spray gun or other watering tool.
  • Use a Hozelock AC water timer to automatically turn on and off water in case you forget.
  • Use water-storing gels to reduce your watering to just once a week.
  • Use collected rain water on your garden using one of Hozelock’s garden or water butt pumps.

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