Welcome to Hozelock Print Ready Image Downloads

To access this area you will need a login password. This is available by emailing : martyna.kocjan@hozelock.com , please remember to include your contact details in the email, so that we can verify your identity.

This area allows the download of hi-res images for all Hozelock products. The use of these images is subject to terms and conditions - please click here for further info.

Images are provided as hi-res JPEG's with outlines.

We aim to provide a cut out, an action shot, and a selection of packaging shots for each product. If you find a gap , a deadlink or an image that just isn't good enough please email : martyna.kocjan@hozelock.com 

Additionally you can also download an pdf file with relevant weights, measures and packaging waste information.

To download High Res Hozelock logos click here Hozelock Logo


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[Watering - Small]