What is Drip Watering?


Aquapod“Used correctly, drip irrigation is water efficient and there is clear evidence from other countries that its use contributes positively to the overall water-saving effort.” Tim Briercliffe, Director of Business Development for the HTA

So what is Drip Watering?

“Drip or trickle irrigation watering systems, fitted with a pressure reducing valve and a timer that are not hand held, that place water drip by drip directly onto the soil surface or beneath the soil surface, without any surface run off or dispersion of water through the air using a jet or mist”

Source - Thames Water announcement, The Times, 14th March 2012

Automatic drip watering is the most sustainable and efficient form of watering for gardens, with tests showing that it is over 90% more efficient than using a spray gun or a sprinkler. Drip watering facilitates the slow release of water at 7ltrs per 10 mins (hose pipe uses 91 ltrs per 10mins) and places water at the root, exactly where it’s needed. It is a precise, automatic watering system that takes water from the tap to your plants using a simple network of narrow pipes and outlets concealed around your garden.

It is also important to remember that watering is always best done early in the morning or late in the evening, when evaporation is at its lowest and gives water more time to soak in to the ground.

Water TimerWater Timer

Water Timers (sometimes known as Water Computers) are battery powered timers which attach to your outside tap and turn your tap on and off automatically. This allows you to water at times of day
when the water can be best absorbed i.e. early in the morning or at night. When combined with a drip watering system they can be used in a hose pipe ban area.
Hozelock have a range of water timers, to suit your watering needs.

Simple Water Timer (2705) -
Electronic water timer with dial programing, offering a variety of watering durations from once per week up to four times per day.

Flexible Water Timer (2700)
- Electronic timer with dial and button programing, allowing the user to select the current time, watering start time, watering frequency and watering duration.

Sophisticated Water Timer Pro (2701) - Sophisticated, versatile and easy to program digital water computer. Includes four methods of programming: one touch, 13 preset programs, interactive watering wizard, or set up to 28 different programs using the Watering manager

All come with a 1” BSP (G1) / 3/4” BSP (G3/4) / 1/2” BSP (G1/2) tap connectors

2760 Pressure Reducer+ Pressure reducing valve

Reduces the water pressure at the tap to a constant 1.5 bar (20psi). Reducing the pressure at this point ensures that the micro irrigatio

n system is not over pressurised and that performance is optimised.

The Hozelock Pressure Reducer is fitted with a 3/4" BSP thread, which screws directly onto a water computer.

The Pressure Reducer is supplied with two outlet adaptors: 4mm or 13mm. 4mm hose is used to connect micro irrigation kits and 13mm is used as the main supply tube from the tap to the watering point.



2772 4mm hose+ Supply Hose

The supply hose then takes the water to where it is needed and enables the construction of a micro irrigation system which is bespoke to your garden.

Hozelock provide 2 types of supply hose:

13mm – The Hozelock 13mm tube is used as the main supply network of the micro irrigation system. It is available in 25m lengths and is the main artery of the irrigation system. The pipe can be buried up to 5cm in the ground or covered with mulch
4mm - The Hozelock 4mm hose is an ultra-flexible tube which takes water from the main supply network to the drippers to water individual plants.


Drippers+ Drippers or Aquapod

Drippers are placed at the end of the hose and water the plant root. Hozelock have a range of drippers with a variety of flow rates to suit a number of different drip watering applications
4 LPH Dripper (2783) - Simple fixed flow 4 LPH end of line dripper, ideal for troughs, growbags and round containers.
4 LPH Automatic Dripper (2784) - Advanced LPH automatic, in-line pressure compensating dripper -ideal for all uses especially containers and hanging baskets
4 LPH Automatic Dripper (2785) - Advanced LPH automatic, end-of-line pressure compensating dripper -ideal for all uses especially containers and hanging baskets

You can create a drip Irrigation system by purchasing the products listed above to create your own system, which is bespoke to your gardens requirements. Most systems can be installed in a few hours and all can be extended as your garden grows. The simplest and easy way to get into drip watering system is purchase a Kit.

AquapodHozelock have 2 kits which are suitable to use in a hose pipe ban area:

2756 20 pot automatic watering kit : this is a great starting point for all drip systems, it’s widely available, and contains everything you need to get started. There is a battery posed timer, hose to build the network around the garden, and 20 ultra-efficient 4lph dippers

2823 automatic holiday watering kit : designed primarily for container and hanging baskets, this kit is the easiest way to get started with drip watering. Again there is a battery powered timer, and hose to build the network; but the watering is via two Aquapod hubs. Each contains 5 ultra-efficient 4lph drippers. The advantage of this system is that it takes only 5 minutes to set up.


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