Easyclear is an award winning, complete clear and healthy pond solution that is easy to install.

The fully integrated Easyclear unit is designed to be fully hidden in the pond and combines a pump, filter and Ultra Violet clarifier. Easyclear is available in 3 different models, 3000, 6000 and 9000 and is suitable for ponds with fish ranging from 3000 litres up to 9000 litres.

Water outlets can be adjusted to simultaneously produce a fountain with a choice of different heads and an attractive waterfall. (Easyclear 3000 can only run a fountain or waterfall)

Clear and healthy water is guaranteed by using a combination of foams to filter solids, Kaldnes biological media and Ultra Violet clarifier to eliminate green water.

Easyclear, the complete clear and healthy pond solution.

Key Features

  • An efficient integrated pump
  • Foam filters & Kaldnes biological media - ensure clear & healthy water
  • Ultra Violet clarifier - eliminate green water
  • Choice of fountain or waterfall
  • Easy installation with just one power cable
  • Easy, tool free maintenance
  • Suitable for ponds from 3000 up to 6000 litres