Pond Vac

Waste in a pond is a natural and inevitable part of pond life.  Although it is hard to control, Hozelock’s Pond Vac will make light work of it.  It is also an essential part of keeping a pond, and the fish in it, healthy.

The Hozelock Pond Vac saves up to 30% in cleaning time and has up to 50% greater suction compared with traditional Pond Vacs

It offers a variety of features, such as an adjustable nozzles and an adjustable handle
The adjustable nozzles allows you to clean different areas of the pond

  • Wide:  This is used for large areas in the pond
  • Narrow: For those tricky corners of the pond
  • Open: This is used for larger pieces of debris

The Pond Vac unit can be extended  up to 2m to allow you to vacuum the hard to reach spots.
The adjustable Handle means both right and left handed people can use the Pond Vac simply and easily.

Hozelock Pond Vac also has chopping blades which makes easy work of leaves and debris found in the pond, and because of the transparent section you can view the results for yourself!

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[Watering - Small]