Garden Sprinkler

A garden sprinkler is essential in keeping your garden fresh, healthy and green.   Hozelock’s range of garden sprinklers have been specifically developed to consider the shape of lawn and the type of water jet required.
Our Sprinklers include:

We understand that every garden is different, and as a result our sprinklers can adjust size depending on the watering area you want it to cover.  Furthermore, all of our garden sprinklers will create an even spread of water no matter the size of your garden/lawn
Some garden sprinklers have been designed to oscillate and others have been designed with the garden shape in mind i.e. round, square and rectangle.

For undulating or sloping gardens we have designed the Vortex Spike garden sprinklers which have a strong spike to hold them firmly in position.

At Hozelock, we’re proud of our garden sprinklers and take great pride in providing you with the most suitable sprinkler for your needs

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