Hose Pipe

Unsure on which is the best hose pipe for you? Here, at Hozelock, we specialise in providing you with the ideal hose pipe to match your gardening and watering needs. 

Our hose pipe range includes:

It can be tricky when deciding which hose pipe is the best for the job.  So, here are some handy tips:

  • Make sure you pick a hose pipe of the right quality depending on what you need it for.
  • Measure your garden to find out the length you need. It is always good to get one longer than your garden as this allows for the hose winding in and out of flowerbeds.

Once you have selected the right hose pipe, you’ll also want to know how to store it, so Hozelock have developed a range of hose pipe storage units

You may decide to buy a Reel or Cart with hose already attached. Hozelock have a wide variety of Hose Pipe storage units with hose pipe.

So, what are you waiting for?  Explore our site to find the best hose pipe to fit your needs.



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