How to get clean and healthy water in your pond

The three key elements of a pond management system are as follows:

1. Filter Pump

Filter pumps perform a dual role within your pond. Firstly, they circulate water containing waste to the filter, secondly, they aerate the water providing beneficial oxygen and removing harmful gases. Hozelock Cyprio filter pumps will pass solid material (fish waste, debris etc.) up to 10mm in size to the filter.

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2. Pond Filters

Pond filters remove solid material including fish waste and algae and use friendly bacteria to remove harmful dissolved pollutants. Hozelock Cyprio has two types of pond filter to choose from; Above Ground Filters and Pressurised Filters.

Above Ground Filters

These filters are pump fed with gravity outlet. These will require a pump in the pond that feeds the filter. Water will then simply pass through the filter and return to the pond under gravity. This means the filter outlet must be higher than the point at which you want the water to return.

Ecocel - For ponds up to 9000 litres (2000 gallons). The Ecocel range of filters uses foam to act as a mechanical strainer for debris. Secondly, it is a home for billions of beneficial bacteria which digest pollutants as pollutants pass over them. Use with a ultra-violet clarifier (UVC) to guarantee clear water.

Ecopower - For ponds up to 9000 litres (2000 gallons). Unlike the Ecocel biological filter, the Ecopower contains an integral ultra-violet clarifier in the lid. Three process take place in filter: 1. The UVC breaks down algae to ensure clearwater 2. Solid particles are trapped by foam sheets 3. Beneficial bacteria living on plastic biomedia remove harmful pollutants like ammonia

Ecomax - Ecomax combined filter and uvc is a highly efficient mechanical and biological filter for garden fish ponds. The incorporation of spinning water in the uv chamber, an oxygenating venturi, extra biomedia and bottom up water flow all result in the filter being capable of supporting a greater fish stock than the Ecopower filter.

Pressure Filters

Pressure Filters are ideal for small to medium size pools and are directly fed from a pump in the pond. However since the filter is a sealed unit the water is still under pressure when leaving the filter, allowing much more flexibility in the positioning of the unit.

- For ponds up to 18000 litres (4000 gallons). The Bioforce range are pressurised filters which meant that the water coming out of the filter can be pumped, up hill if necessary, to a waterfall.

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3. Ultra Violet Clarifier - Vorton UVC

Free-floating single celled algae causes green water in ponds. This algae is too small to catch even with an effective pond filter. Our Vorton UVCs expose the algae particles to enough UV light so that they clump together (flocculate). These larger particles can then be easily filtered out as they pass through the pond filter.

The Vorton UVCs are up to 50% more efficient than many UVCs on the market. The spining flow of the water through the product (due to the "Turbulator" design) increases the unit's efficiency by even exposure of the water to the UV-light.

Vorton Ultra Violet Clarifier - For ponds up to 27000 litres (6000 gallons).

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