Hozelock mark 50th anniversary with new generation
of soft-touch, anti-kink hose connectors

New generation Hozelock Connectors         New Hozelock connector prevents kinking        New Hozelock Aqua Stop Connector in action

(Click on an image to download high res file) ABOVE LEFT: The new Hozelock soft-touch, easy-grip hose connectors with flexible tail extension to prevent kinking. ABOVE CENTRE AND RIGHT: In use with a Hozelock Multi Spray Gun, the water-wise Aqua Stop Connector – distinguishable by its red trim and side pads – stops the hose kinking as it bends.

A hassle free garden is a step closer thanks to the latest generation of Hozelock hose connectors which feature soft-touch pads for an easy grip and an extended hose tail to prevent the hose from kinking.

Substantially different from the original connector introduced by the company 50 years ago – which has since found its way into almost every garden in the country – the new fittings benefit from modern materials and advanced design techniques to make them not only easier to use and more efficient but also a positive aid to water conservation.


Soft-touch, textured side pads make the new connectors easier to grip, even when wet, so attaching and detaching guns and other accessories is much simpler. At 7.5cm, the new Hozelock connectors are 50 percent longer than their predecessors and the extended side pads are now much easier to draw back in order to release an attachment from the hose.


The new easy-grip mechanism will be especially welcomed by gardeners who have to cope with restricted movement in their hands.


An innovative extended hose tail prevents the hose from kinking when it bends, thus ensuring a constant flow of water. It also affords more purchase when attaching the connector to a hose so that the retaining collar can be easily tightened to make a leak-free join. This also safeguards against the hose working loose during use.


Careless accidents, as can occur when the connector knocks against greenhouse glass or a car’s paintwork, are now less likely to cause damage thanks to a new soft touch outer ring which acts as a forgiving protective buffer.


The new Hozelock fittings are available as either a standard Hose End Connector (£3.99 inc VAT) or a water-wise Aqua Stop Connector (£4.99). The Aqua Stop version – distinguishable by its red trim – includes a shut-off valve that clicks into place automatically when an accessory is detached so that no water can escape from the hose; and it works in reverse when a new accessory is attached. Not only does this prevent water wastage but it is also a great convenience since it eliminates the risk of a soaking and saves a trip back to the tap.


The new soft touch fittings are now in stock at most garden centres and DIY stores nationwide.


For further information, call the Hozelock Helpline on 0121 313 1122 or visit the Hozelock website at www.hozelock.us which includes extensive advice on choosing and using hose systems.


There is a new online spares and accessories shop for owners of Hozelock watering, spraying or aquatics equipment. Find it at www.hozelockservice.com.



May 2009

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