Product Ideas

Calling all Inventive Gardeners  !

In the Design and Marketing teams at Hozelock, we spend most of our time thinking of ways we can make gardening easier - we're always trying to deliver products aligned with our philosophy of " great gardens made simple".

But we don't have a monopoly on great ideas :

If you have any feedback on any of our products, packaging, instructions or service, please contact us directly and we'll see how we can incorporate your ideas into our future production and operations.

If you have an idea for a new product, we are always pleased to evaluate the idea, and consider its inclusion in our development program.

Remember, your idea is your property, consequently its your responsibility to take advice on how to best protect it. There is some great advice here at the British Museum.

Submitting your idea to Hozelock for evaluation is easy, however we follow a clear process for screening new product ideas.

Please read carefully the process before contacting Hozelock :

1. Email us with your postal address, and we will send you a standard format confidentiality agreement. This must be signed and returned by you before you divulge any information about your idea.

2. We are unable to review or sign any other confidentiality or non disclosure (NDA) agreements.

3. Once all the paperwork is in place, send us details of your idea. Try to structure these details to cover the problem you are solving (the why?), a sketch explaining how it works (the how?), and finally the price you think it would sell for (the what?).

If you have any backup information like market research, costings, tooling estimates, test results then add all this in as well.

Don't worry if your drawings are a bit rough, it's the idea that's important.

We meet frequently to review these ideas, and if we want to take your idea forward we will ask you to come in , and have a chat (and a brew..).

If we decide not to take your idea forward, we'll send you a letter explaining why and send all your documents back.

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