New Large Carts


Designed by gardeners for gardeners, and made in the UK, Hozelock’s new Hose Carts have been designed to provide the perfect solution to all too common watering problems including: unstable carts falling over, unwinding and tangled hose, and backbreaking towing due to short handles.

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For maximum watering convenience Hozelock Hose Carts are:

  • Tough and Durable - Made from the highest quality plastics and tough zinc plated steel to handle the biggest gardening challenges time after time
  • Easy to Rewind - The hose is easy to rewind and features a small internal drum and extra-long winding handles to make rewinding even easier


  • Easy to Use - Assembled and ready to use, the new large carts are packed with features including pre-wound premium hose
  • Easy to Move - The carts have extra-long (soft touch) towing handles, oversized soft patterned wheels and a steel axle for ease and control


  • Stable - Carts are wider for more stability and when up-right the wheels lift off the floor, stopping the cart following you down the garden as you unwind the hose
  • Easy to Store - The towing handle can be adjusted in height and are also fully retractable for ease of storage

Perfect for gardeners with bigger lawns and gardens, the new 60m and 90m Large Hose Carts are a welcome extension to Hozelock’s current range of top selling plastic and metal hose solutions.

Available as fully-assembled with pre-wound premium hose or without, for gardeners who prefer to add their own. It’s a simple case of attaching the feeder hose to the tap and start watering with ease.


2440 60m Assembled Cart
2442 60m Assembled Cart with 30m hose
2443 60m Assembled Cart with 30m hose
2440 60m Assembled Hose Cart
2442 60m Assembled Hose Cart with 30m 12.5mm Maxi Plus Hose
2443 60m Assembled Hose Cart with 30m 15mm Maxi Plus Hose
2448 90m Assembled Cart
2456 60m Metal Cart
2456 90m Metal Cart
2448 90m Assembled Hose Cart
2456 60m Assembled Metal Hose Cart with 30m 12.5mm Felxi Plus Hose
2460 90m Assembled Metal Hose Cart

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