Water saving tips

Water is a precious resource that must be conserved and we should use it wisely at all times. Here are some top tips on how to achieve significant water savings in your garden when watering plants:

1.Make sure you water directly at the base of plants where the water is needed rather than the leaves. Remember to water the garden and lawn at night. Watering at night gives water more time to soak in without added evaporation from the day's heat.

Water Butt Pump2. Water only the areas that need to be water and don't over-water or don't water any faster than the soil can absorb. A spray gun with trigger flow controls and with 6 spray patterns, like Hozelock’s Multi Spray can help you save up to 80% water than an open hosepipe.

3. Use waste water or grey water from the bath, washing machines or dish washing or catch the rain in a rainwater tank. Add convenience to water conservation by using a Hozelock Water Butt Pump. This generates sufficient pressure to operate any irrigation system. Hozelock Water Butt Treatments eliminate unpleasant odours, whilst helping to keep water free from slime and algae.

4.Water deeply but less often. This will encourage plants to grow deeper roots, so that they need water less frequently. Install a drip irrigation system, such as a Hozelock Automatic Watering Kit, to deliver water precisely and economically directly to the plants. Other solution could be a Soaker Hose, which seeps water along the full length and it is ideal for watering borders, vegetables and garden houses without waste

5.Time water usage. Put a electronic timer like the Hozelock AC Water Timer Pro on your sprinkler and outdoor taps to automaticly water your garden at a time to suit you. The timer turns the water on and off to water your plants when you are away or at times of day when the water can best be absorbed. Connect your water timer with the Rain Sensor,  which immediately cancels any watering setting once rain is detected. 

6. Use an automatic watering kit like Hozelock Aquapod, which can reduce your water usage by up to 90% in comparison to a traditional watering can. The timer turns the water on and off to water your plants when you are away and automatic drippeStoring gelrs always deliver a constant flow of water to make sure your plants get the right amount

7.Reduce the need to water daily and save water by using Hozelock Water Storing Gels. This range can save the amount of water that is wasted either by running out of the bottom of the plant pot, or due to evaporation. Simply mix the water storing gel into the compost. The mixture forms a series of miniature water reservoirs around the roots of the plant which means that for most of the year plants in containers only need to be watered once per week.

8. Don’t waste water when you are switching between accessories. Fit a Hozelock Waterstop Connectors to the end of your hose so that the water flow stops automatically as soon as you disconnect your spray gun or other watering tool.

Connector9. Maintain your watering equipment regularly. Replace O ring kit to fix drips and leaks, which are caused by worn out rubber seals in your hose, tap connectors and watering tools such as spray guns, nozzles or sprinklers.

10.Applying a layer of mulch, like bark chips, helps prevent water evaporating before reaching the roots. Ideal mulch candidates include hay, manure, leaves, wood chips, bark, and newspaper. The right organic mulch can also help improve your soil as it breaks down and keep weeds in check. 





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