2442 Large Plastic Cart2456 Metal CartThe new Hozelock 60m metal cart in action
               The new Hozelock 60m plastic and metal cartsThe new Hozelock 60m metal cart in action


Market leader, Hozelock has added new 60m and 90m premium products to its top-selling plastic and metal hose cart ranges, as well as new Gardening for Life packaging across all of its hose storage products.

Internationally, hose carts take the biggest slice of the lucrative hose storage sector according to GfK data, and with Hozelock's research showing that 48% of UK gardens are over 30m in length, the market for large carts is potentially huge, says the company.

Incorporating state-of-the-art convenience features, the new 60m and 90m units are available as fully-assembled systems complete with pre-wound premium hose so that the consumer need only attach a feeder hose to the tap to start watering. The new carts are also available without hose for consumers who prefer to customise their system.

Designed to bring unprecedented stability to wheeled hose systems, the new carts have been made extra wide, lowering the centre of gravity so that they don't fall over when the hose is pulled out.

Large wheels make the carts highly manoeuvrable, even under the load of a big hose full of water; but when the cart is parked in the upright position, the wheels are automatically lifted slightly above the ground so that the rigid chassis takes the load. Thus, the wheels can't turn and de-stabilise the cart when the hose is pulled out. 

Rewinding up to 90m of hose is not a trivial task and so Hozelock's designers have made it easier. By reducing the diameter of the internal drum to 150mm and making the winding handle longer, they have effectively increased the gearing ratio so that the drum is easier to turn.

Also lengthened is the retractable towing handle which is 950mm high when fully extended. This gives extra control to make the cart much easier to tow and it also increases the distance between the user and the cart so as to prevent heels catching.

A soft touch handle also makes towing more comfortable while the supplied accessory holder can secure the hose end high on the handle until it is required. In addition to keeping the hose end at a convenient height for access, this accessory holder also prevents the hose from working loose while the cart is being towed, eliminating the risk of it becoming tangled in wheels or feet.

With a locking collar to secure it in position, the towing handle can be adjusted to whatever height is most comfortable. The retractable handle also makes the new carts compact to store.

Shipping in January, the new carts will benefit from Hozelock's new Gardening for Life full-colour display cards which feature a large lifestyle photograph of the product in use, an illustration of the included accessories and a diagram of the included hose features or hose capacity.

Consumers with smart phones can scan a QR code on the packaging to take them instantly to an online video demonstrating the new cart benefits.

Prices will be announced soon. For further trade information, contact Hozelock's Birmingham sales office on 0121 313 4095, or e-mail Full support for the consumer is provided via the Hozelock Helpline on 0121 313 1122 and the Hozelock web site at which includes extensive advice on choosing and using hose systems.

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