Heavy Duty Metal Option for Hozelock Tap and Hose Fittings.

Heavy Duty Metal Option for Hozelock Tap and Hose Fittings.

2044 double male connector prodPro Metal Connector  2040 threaded connector 2041 threaded tap connector

         2042 metal fitting      2035 hose connector Pro Metal Hose Repair Connector 2044 double male connector                                                     

(Click on image to download high res file) LEFT: Hozelock’s new Pro Metal double male hose connector with yellow soft bumper ring (left) alongside the new Pro Metal hose connector with scratch-resistant zinc die-cast sleeve and anti-kink flexible hose tail. BELOW: The new Hozelock Pro Metal 1” tap connector (left) alongside the water-saving Aqua Stop version of the new Pro Metal hose connector. RIGHT: (Clockwise from top left)
• The new Hozelock Pro Metal hose connector makes a secure connection to the new Pro Metal tap connector; • Fitting the new Pro Metal tap connector to an outside tap; • The new Pro Metal double male connector enables two hose connectors to be joined; • The new Pro Metal hose repair connector joins two lengths of hose securely.

Zinc coated hose cart and brass inlet sprinkler add more steel to gardener’s armoury

Watering specialist Hozelock has introduced a semi-professional range of metal hose and tap fittings for gardeners who want a heavy duty, damage-resistant irrigation system.

Pro Metal tap connectors, a double male connector and a double ended hose repair connector with anti-kink hose tail on both ends are now available in heavy duty precision milled nickel plated brass which is extremely durable. Thanks to a triple locking system, the connection to the tap is guaranteed secure up to 10 bar – which is ten times more pressure than the water companies are required by statute to deliver to a residential property.

And for the all-important connection of the hose end to a watering tool such as a spray gun or long-reach lance, there are now Pro Metal variants of Hozelock’s new-style anti-kink connector with flexible hose tail. Both the standard connector and the water-conserving Aqua Stop version have a scratch-resistant zinc die cast sleeve to give unprecedented strength and durability. They will remain intact and leak proof if dropped or trodden on.

Soft-touch, textured side pads make the new hose connectors easy to grip, even when wet, so attaching and detaching guns and other accessories is quick and easy.

This is only one of the ways in which the new heavy duty connectors are enhanced by the use of sophisticated engineering plastics. Inset into each of the new Pro Metal fittings is a raised soft “bumper ring” which protects greenhouses and cars from accidental damage while also providing a comfortable contact point when handling the fittings in cold weather.

And the internal mechanism of the two hose end connectors, including the claw teeth, is moulded from acetyl plastic which gives the best possible grip on a hosepipe and hence the most secure connection between hose and watering tool, whatever the water pressure or ambient temperature.

Guaranteed for three years, the new Pro Metal range is available from most garden centres and DIY superstores (find local stockists at www.hozelock.us/store-locator.html) at prices ranging from £4.49 to £6.49 inc VAT. For further information call the Hozelock Helpline on 0121 313 1122 or visit the company’s website at www.hozelock.us where there is extensive advice on choosing and using watering systems wisely.

Another new semi-professional metal watering tool from Hozelock is the 60m Metal Cart with rustproof zinc coated steel drum. Fully assembled – including a new “metallic” 30m multipurpose hose in a coordinated silver and yellow stripe – this £59.99 garden workhorse will withstand heavy use in the toughest of environments. A version without hose is also available at £39.99.

Look out too for a new £39.99 Pro Metal Aquastorm version of the popular Hozelock oscillating sprinkler with a nickel plated brass inlet.


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