4707 7L Sprayer Plus


The new Hozelock Plus 7L
pressure sprayer
with all accessories stored inside the bottle for easy
transport and
storage – and eyecatching
new Gardening for Life
display label.

4707 7l sprayer in action


The new Hozelock Plus 7L pressure sprayer in action. Its versatile
3-in-1 carrying
harness can be
used as a shoulder
strap, satchel strap or rucksack.


The UK garden sprayer market is set for a makeover following the announcement by category leader, Hozelock, that it is launching a completely new range of feature-rich, multi-purpose sprayers to replace its familiar Killaspray brand.

The new sprayers – ranging from 0.5L to 16L in size to meet all indoor, greenhouse and garden needs – will be branded simply Plus and Pro, depending on their feature set, with an entry level Standard range to appeal to the most cost-conscious buyers who nonetheless demand quality and reliability.

Among a host of innovative consumer-friendly features is Hozelock's "last drop" spraying system which completely empties the bottle while spraying, leaving no residue. This is made possible by the highly engineered production process and precision seals which enable the bottles to be more highly pressurised than conventional sprayers and also to retain the pressure for longer.

Hozelock’s advanced manufacturing tolerances also mean that a full sprayer can be completely discharged on just one priming, thus eliminating the frequent and laborious repeat pump actions required to discharge other pressure sprayers.

Consumers will also welcome the enlarged 90mm-wide bottle mouth which not only makes filling easier but also enables the sprayer lance and any accessories to be stored inside the bottle for easy transport, storage and display. The opening is big enough to allow the user’s hand inside for thorough cleaning of the bottle.

For added safety and convenience, the Pro and Plus models incorporate a dosing cup and last-use indicator to remind the user what concentrate was last used in the bottle to prevent cross contamination.

Sculpted foot plates on the Plus and Pro ranges enable the user to secure the bottle with their own weight while pressurising the sprayer. And when the optimal pressure is reached, a release valve pops up to signify that the unit is ready for use.

The top-end Pro sprayers additionally come with industrial grade Viton seals which last five times longer than standard rubber seals and enable these versatile models to withstand aggressive chemical solutions.

Uniquely, the Pro models are also fitted with a metal pump shaft for extra strength and a telescopic long-reach lance with nickel-plated brass spray nozzle for extended life and the finest spray droplet definition to ensure optimal adhesion to the target surface. Also included is a weedkiller cone to prevent spray drift.

For maximum comfort when spraying, the Plus and Pro models are supplied with a versatile 3-in-1 carrying harness which can be used as a shoulder strap, satchel strap or rucksack, making spraying easy for all gardeners, young or old.

After use, the lance can be conveniently stored vertically in the scabbard (Pro), moulded rack (Plus) or clip attached to the bottle, leaving the sprayer neat and tidy when not in use. The fibre glass lances with the Plus sprayers range from 205mm to 850mm in length while the telescopic lances with the Pro range and Plus Knapsack models are all extendable from 500mm to 850mm. The Standard range is fitted with a 205mm aluminium lance.

And to further reduce clutter in the shed, the 2m hose can be neatly wound into the storage recess moulded into the base of the Pro and Plus models. This not only eliminates an unsightly trip hazard but also protects the hose from accidental damage.

The pressure sprayers all have translucent bottles bearing imperial and metric filling scales, a graphical usage guide with safety advice and a prominent size marking.
Hozelock’s new “golden sunburst” Gardening for Life packaging has been rolled out across the new sprayer range, most prominently on the Pro models’ full colour box and the eye-catching 4-colour wraparound display labels on the Plus range.

Shipping in March 2012, the new Hozelock sprayers will be supported by in-store merchandising, display pallets and video POS units while consumers with smart phones can scan a QR code on the packaging to take them instantly to an online video demonstrating the new cart benefits. Prices range from £19.99–22.99 for the Standard sprayers, £26.99–38.99 for the Plus models and £39.99–49.99 for the Pro range.

The company’s marketing campaign will educate the consumer about the advantages of using a pressure sprayer compared with a ready-to-use spray gun. It highlights the fact that a Hozelock 7L pressure sprayer and just one 150ml bottle of concentrate will cover the same area as 54 hand-held sprayers at a fraction of the cost while greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the packaging.

Hozelock also point out that a pressure washer can spray a 1 sq m area with a single pump whereas a spray gun requires over 80 trigger pulls. Furthermore, working at low level with a spray lance demands little or no bending and is also much more accurate – while spraying fruit trees and the back of deep borders is difficult or impossible with a trigger spray.

Unlike most imported products, Hozelock’s British-made sprayers are easily serviceable by the consumer. All parts are replaceable and can be ordered online. Furthermore, Hozelock’s warranty – 1 year on the Standard range, 3 years on the Plus range and an extended 5 years on the Pro range – underlines the durability of these products.

For further trade information, contact Hozelock's Birmingham sales office on 0121 313 4095, or e-mail info@hozelock.com. Full support for the consumer is provided via the Hozelock Helpline on 0121 313 1122 and the Hozelock web site at www.hozelock.us which includes extensive advice on choosing and using pressure sprayers.


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