Hozelock Revamps Entire Hose Range

Flexi hose                              New Hose range Flexi plus hose          ABOVE LEFT: Cutaway illustrations of Hozelock's new flexi (top) and Flexi Plus (bottom) hose showing the  construction layers. Both have a knitted reinforcement layer but the flexi Plus hose features an additional Soft & Flex layer filled with tiny air bubbles which enables it to absorb strains and twists and remain kink free. CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW/DOWNLOAD HIGH RESOLUTION VERSIONS.


Brand leader, Hozelock has revamped its entire range of garden hoses, adding new products with advanced features, whilst introducing consistent colour-ways and new packaging  – including all carts and reels supplied with hose.

All hose is now branded either Maxi (braided construction offering strength, durability and value) or Flexi (knitted construction for maximum flexibility, softness, lightness and anti-kink properties).

Within each of these two hose categories, the range is divided into Standard, Plus and Pro quality levels depending upon the number of layers, advanced features and warranty length. To aid consumer selection, the Standard or entry-level hoses are green with yellow stripes; Plus or mid-priced hoses are yellow with a grey stripe; and Pro or premium products are silver grey with a yellow stripe.

Products bearing the new Fast RollTM icon benefit from an patented ultra-smooth outer layer which makes them very easy to unwind and rewind. They also have a raised stripe, allowing the hose to interlock on the reel, anchoring it in place to prevent slippage, twisting or partial unwinding when a hose cart is moved around the garden.

Fast RollTM is currently an exclusive feature of Hozelock's new premium Flexi Pro hose which comes in 25m, 30m and 50m lengths and also as Hose Starter Sets complete with a pack of tap and hose fittings.

Both Flexi Pro and the new Flexi Plus hoses benefit from Hozelock's patented new Soft & Flex technology which makes them lighter, softer and easier to handle. Filled with millions of tiny air bubbles, the hose is effectively turned into one long shock absorber, eliminating all the strain and twisting that can cause a hose to kink.

In the heavy duty Maxi braided hose range, both the mid-range Maxi Plus and premium Maxi Pro products incorporate Hozelock's Anti Crush technology - whereby the combination of high quality PVc braided reinforcement layers with extra-thick inner and outer walls delivers unprecedented strength and durability.

Featuring Hozelock's eye-catching new ‘Gardening for Life’ brand graphics, the packaging roundels display the product features via a set of clear, easy-to-understand icons. All the products are also given a star rating to help consumers find the price range and feature set that best matches their needs. Further icons show at a glance the length, diameter and burst pressure of the hose and the warranty term. There is also a graduated cutaway illustration which shows each of the construction layers. The braided and knitted hose ranges are easy to identify thanks to different cut-out shapes on the packaging sleeves.

New in-store support offerings include self-standing POS, a hose video demonstration unit and an interactive hose comparison display which allows shoppers to twist lengths of different hose in unison and see how they cope with the strain.

Shipping from January 2011, the new Hozelock hose range covers every price point from £11.99 (for the 15m Maxi hose) to £52.99 (for the 50m Flexi Pro hose).

For further trade information, contact Hozelock's Birmingham sales office on 0121 313 4095, or e-mail info@hozelock.com. Full support for the consumer is provided via the Hozelock Helpline on 0121 313 1122 and the Hozelock web site at www.hozelock.us which includes extensive advice on choosing and using hose systems.

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