• Up to 11% flow rate boost from radically engineered pond workhorse
• New Automatic Fish Feeder lets pondkeepers take a break

Aquaforce 1500 Aquaforce 4000   Automatic Fish Feeder

(Click on images to download high res file) ABOVE LEFT: The new Hozelock Cyprio Aquaforce 15000 – one of seven new filter pumps which set new benchmarks for flow rates and head heights. CENTRE: The new Aquaforce 4000. RIGHT: Hozelock Cyprio's new Automatic Fish Feeder is ideal for holiday feeding.


Aquaforce, a new generation of seven solids handling pond water filter and waterfall pumps, has been launched by aquatics specialist Hozelock Cyprio following a rigorous two-year testing programme. They set unprecedented performance and efficiency benchmarks in delivering significant improvements in flow rates and head heights while consuming less power than conventional systems.

At the same time, Hozelock is upgrading its range of Ecoclear Easy Clean Pond Filter Systems which will now team Aquaforce pumps with Bioforce biological filters. In a striking new ‘power case’ with an exclusive Wildlife Protection System and models to suit all pond sizes up to 30,000 litres, the new Aquaforce solids handling filter pumps come with a waterfall option to make them multi-tasking pond workhorses.

Thanks to a unique conical impeller design and a self cooling system which ensures continuously perfect operating conditions, the Aquaforce pumps set new performance benchmarks with flow rate at 1 metre head up to 11% greater than the Titan models which they replace. When optionally creating a waterfall, head height is up to 22% greater. These class leading pumps are amongst the most efficient on the market and a remarkable 71% more efficient than the Titans.

Thrust washers protect the rotor from damage while ceramic bearings maximise pump life: hence the Aquaforce comes with a three-year guarantee.

Pond water is drawn in through the cage grille which filters out coarse solids up to 6mm or 10mm in size. Smaller particles down to 2mm in size can be eliminated by fitting the supplied clip-in fine mesh filter tray which affords the best possible protection for pond wildlife such as small fish, newts and frogs, preventing them from accessing the pump.

The large 229 sq cm surface area of the pump cage enhances the water flow while minimising the risk of clogging. It opens like a power tool case using quick-release finger clips to give instant access to all components for easy cleaning and maintenance. Arrows on the pump chamber enable the user to see at a glance how to reassemble the pump.

Versatile and controllable, the Aquaforce can be used flat or on its side and the case has an integral carrying handle which makes it easy to lift into or out of the pond. An amphibious capability gives the option to operate the pump on dry land while the cage remains submerged.

A second inlet allows the use of a skimmer or satellite filter. If a skimmer is used to pump surface débris to the filter, the flow control will adjust the balance of water taken from the main cage and the skimmer. Alternatively, a second filter can be attached and sited in a ‘dead’ area of the pond if there is one, or in an adjacent smaller pond. Four of the models (Aquaforce 6000, 8000, 12000 and 15000) also have a variable flow adjuster.

Priced from £69.99 (inc VAT) for the 1000LPH Aquaforce 1000 to £199.99 for the top-of-the-range 15000LPH Aquaforce 15000, these ultra-efficient new Hozelock Cyprio filter pumps are available now from most good aquatic centres.

Aquaforce 1000  700LPH at 1m  1.5m   £69.99  
Aquaforce 2500  1850LPH at 1m  2.1m   £84.99
Aquaforce 4000  3000LPH at 1m  2.5m   £99.99
Aquaforce 6000   5550LPH at 1m  3.5m   £139.99
Aquaforce 8000   7400LPH at 1m  4.0m   £159.99
Aquaforce 12000  10800LPH at 1m 5.0m   £179.99
Aquaforce 15000  13000LPH at 1m 5.7m   £199.99

Automatic Fish Feeder
Hozelock have also launched the Automatic Fish Feeder, a clever device which can be programmed to dispense measured amounts of food at the required intervals throughout the day.

Indispensable for holiday feeding, the Automatic Fish Feeder can be mounted on a pond wall or suspended above the pond using the supplied free-standing steel frame with ground spike.
Simple to operate via a single control which incorporates a battery-operated clock and a frequency dial which gives a choice of up to six feeds per day. The food chamber holds up to 800ml of any kind of fish food.

The Hozelock Cyprio Automatic Fish Feeder costs £69.99 and is available from most good aquatic centres.

For further information, call the Hozelock Helpline on 0121 313 1122 or visit the company’s web site at


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