New easy-watering Auto Reel for longer gardens

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ABOVE AND RIGHT: The new Hozelock 40 metre Auto Reel with automatic rewind eliminates hose knots, kinks and tangles.                                         


Automatic rewind now available on 30m and 40m hoses

New 30 and 40 metre versions of the innovative Hozelock Auto Reel wall-mounted hose reel with automatic rewind function will make life a lot easier for many gardeners this year.
Not only does the premium hose extend smoothly with virtually no effort but it also rewinds itself neatly back onto the reel after use without any kinks or tangles.
Always available for instant watering without the hassle of untangling it first, the hose can be pulled out to any required length up to the full 30 or 40 metres. Stopping at any point automatically locks the hose feed mechanism so that the hose can be used freely without fear of it rewinding; and extending the hose further requires no more than a gentle pull to release the hose feed mechanism.
After use, a simple tug on the hose unlatches the drum and allows the Auto Reel’s powerful spring and patented automatic rewind system to take over, drawing the hose effortlessly back into its protective casing where Hozelock’s clever layering mechanism ensures that it is neatly coiled without any knots, kinks or tangles.
Patented braking technology keeps the rewind speed under control so that it never exceeds walking pace and a moulded ball stop on the end of the hose prevents it from retracting fully inside the casing.
The attractive moulded casing is sleek yet sturdy. It sits on a 180-degree bracket which allows the whole reel to swing around automatically to face the user as the hose is fed out – and when not in use, to fold back discreetly against the wall.
In addition to the bracket and all necessary wall fixings, the new Auto Reel comes complete with a 2m feeder hose for connection to the tap, a variable spray hose nozzle, water-wise Waterstop connector, hose connector, 3/4in and 1/2in tap connectors and a two-year warranty (Hozelock’s test units are still working perfectly after the equivalent of 11 years of twice daily use).
For multi-tasking, there is a wide range of optional Hozelock irrigation and cleaning attachments including long-reach watering lances, spray guns, sprinklers and pressure washers.
Dubbed the world’s easiest-to-use hose reel on its launch a decade ago, the original, award-winning* 20 metre Auto Reel and the existing 10 metre Auto Reel bring the benefits of Hozelock’s auto-rewind technology to smaller gardens. All four Auto Reels come in green casings with matching grey side discs.
Priced at £49, £79, £99 and £129 (including VAT) respectively, the 10m, 20m, 30m and 40m Auto Reels cater for most gardeners’ needs. They are available from all good DIY stores, garden centres and online retailers (check for nearest stockists).
Help and advice is available from the Hozelock Helpline on 0121 313 1122 and the Hozelock web site at which includes extensive advice on choosing and using hose systems. Hozelock can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

*Notes to Editor:
The 20 metre Auto Reel has won numerous awards including:
– Design Council ‘Best of British’ Millennium Choice
– Gardening Which? ‘Best Buy’
– Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association Best New Product
– Garden Industry Manufacturers’ Association Sword of Excellence

This British success story has also delighted gardeners.The original 20 metre Auto Reel, over 1m of which have now been sold, has become one of the most widely praised gardening products ever. Below are a few sample user reviews from the Amazon website:

“If You Are Going to Buy a Reel Hose - Buy This One.”
“A great buy, easy to assemble and mount, and a joy to use.”
“What a fantastic piece of kit, it makes a pleasure of spending an hour watering the plants.”
“Easy to install and use, a great product.”

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