250 ml Water Storing Gel: 2016

Key Features - Simply mix with compost


Saves 90% of water - Because Hozelock water storing gel is the fastest acting gel available (50 times faster than nearest competitor) it acts quick to lock water into the compost. This reduces the amount of water that is wasted either by running out of the bottom of the plant pot, or due to evaporation

Only water once per week -When the water storing gel is mixed into the compost , it forms a series of miniature water resevoirs around the roots of the plant. This means that for most of the year plants in containers only need to be watered once per week.

Supplies a constant supply of water to your plants - The water stored in the compost is released to the plant slowly as and when it is required.

Water Storing Gel is available in three sizes :

250ml - enough for 30 container plants

500ml - enough for 60 container plants

1000ml - enough for 120 container plants


In 2007 the Hozelock water storing gel range won the first Waterwise mark for a gardening product - find out more here