Flexi Spray: 2683

NEW: Available in January 2013

The all new Flexi Spray is an exciting, innovative multi-purpose hose end attachment designed to be moulded into an array of shapes to perform a wide range of watering functions.

Key Benefits

  • Long reach spray gun: Easily water your pots, containers and boarders with minimal effort and water wastage.
  • Hanging basket waterer: Extend your reach by 60cm to water those hard to reach areas by transforming the Flexi Spray into an effective hanging basket watering device.
  • Sprinkler: Water your lawn with ease by creating a wide area sprinkler capable of covering up to 69m2.
  • Hands free watering: For the occasion when you need to give a specific plant or area a good watering the Flexi Spray can be conveniently moulded and left to water on its own.
  • Flow control & 3 stage trigger:  Provides you with complete control of water delivery, meaning happily watered plants and minimal water wastage.

4 spray patterns: 

  • Rose- high definition metal rose for gentle watering
  • Jet- for high power cleaning
  • Fast fill- for filling buckets and watering cans
  • Sprinkler- for wide area watering