Flexi Spray

The all new Flexi Spray is an exciting, innovative multi-purpose hose end attachment designed to be moulded into an array of shapes to perform a wide range of watering functions. Simply plug it on to your existing hose system, bend it into the desired feature and water away!

Key Benefits

  • Long reach spray gun
  • Hanging basket waterer
  • Sprinkler
  • Hands free watering
  • Flow control & 3 stage trigger


Long reach spray gun: Easily water your pots, containers and boarders with minimal effort and water wastage. The Flexi Spray extends your reach, allowing you to accurately water deep into your boarders and pots giving your plants water exactly where they need it.

Hanging basket waterer: Extend your reach up to 60cm to easily water those hard to reach areas by transforming the Flexi Spray into an effective hanging basket watering device. The flexible hose section enables you to fully customise the angle of water delivery, eliminating the need for you to reach, twist or strain.

Hands free watering: For the occasion when you need to give a specific plant or area a good watering the Flexi Spray can be conveniently moulded and left to water on its own. The Flexi Spray can be bent and formed around a range of objects allowing it to be positioned exactly where you want it.

Sprinkler: Water your lawn with ease by creating a wide area sprinkler capable of covering up to 69m2. Without any need for additional hose end attachments the Flexi Spray can be easily coiled and left to effectively look after your lawn.

Flow control & 3 stage variable trigger: Provides you with complete control of water delivery, meaning happily watered plants with minimal water wastage. Water flow is regulated by how much you squeeze the trigger- the more you depress the trigger, the greater the amount of water delivered. If watering for a prolonged time the trigger can be locked in position to reduce any strain on the hand. Even when the trigger is locked on the flow of water can still be regulated utilising the flow control feature on the trigger handle.

4 spray patterns: The Flexi Spray comes complete with 4 spray patterns which can be easily selected by rotating the feature head into the desired position.

Rose - Provides a high definition metal rose for gentle watering- perfect for watering boarders, pots and hanging baskets.

Jet - For high power cleaning by creating a focused jet of water- idea for rinsing the soap suds off when cleaning the car.

Fast fill - No need to disconnect your hose, simply select fast fill to produce a high flow of water to quickly fill buckets and watering cans

Sprinkler - Projects the water spray consistently over a wide, circular area allowing you to keep your lawn well hydrated.

Flexi Spray - spray patterns

Available in January 2013.


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