Hozelock Spray Guns

Unsure on which is the best spray gun for you? Here, at Hozelock, we specialise in providing you with the ideal spray gun to match your watering and outdoor cleaning needs.

Our spray gun range includes:
• General spray guns – featuring a variety of spray patterns for use all around the garden
• Cleaning spray guns – powerful jet sprays make light work of outdoor cleaning jobs
• Lance spray guns – particularly suited to watering hanging baskets and other hard to reach areas
• Nozzles - Simple, easy to use spray nozzles

It can be tricky when deciding which gun is the best for you.  So, think about which tasks you most likely to undertake in the garden. Hozelock general spray guns, such as our Multi Spray guns all feature an easy to use flow control – which saves up to 50% water – and incorporate up to 6 spray patterns, making them a versatile watering companion.

Spray patterns:

  1. Cone spray for delicate watering (not available on Multi spray – 2676)
  2. Powerful Jet for cleaning
  3. Fast fill for filling up buckets and watering cans
  4. Rose for gentle watering,
  5. Fan spray for rinsing soap off cars
  6. Fine mist for seedlings

If you require a spray gun for more cleaning tasks rather than watering than the Hozelock cleaning spray guns are more suitable. Ergonomically designed to offer class leading spray patterns, flow control and two stage locking trigger, lock at 100% flow or 40% flow, they enable a quick and easy to use option for outdoor cleaning.


For hanging baskets and other hard to reach areas, Hozelock lance spray guns are the perfect watering accessory. Our lance range combines stylish design with practical features, such as an angled head, & the Telescopic long reach lance (2644) extends to an amazing 152cm.



For simple watering tasks, Hozelock spray nozzles are the answer. The twist-to-use spray nozzle allows water spray to be adjusted from ‘off’ through to wide cone and to a strong jet.

So whatever your watering or outdoor cleaning needs, Hozelock have a spray gun to suit the task.

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