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Killaspray and Killaspray Plus Pump Assembly: 4096

Replacement pump for the 5-10 litre Killaspray and Killaspray Plus range of sprayers.

Killaspray Plus Trigger Handle: 4105

Replacement handle for Killaspray Plus and Knapsack sprayers.

Killaspray Plus Harness: 4110

Sprayer harness for Killaspray Plus 5-10 litre pressure sprayers.

Promo Pump Assembly: 4095

Replacement pump for the Promo sprayer range

Dip tube and spanner: 4101

Replacement dip tube for 5-10 litre sprayers.

Pressure Regulator and Spanner: 4102

Replacement pressure regulator for 5-10 litre sprayers.

Sprayer Harness: 4108

Sprayer harness for use with standard 5-10 litre pressure sprayers.

Knapsack Sprayer Harness: 4109

Knapsack sprayer harness for 12-16 litre pressure sprayers.

Root Waterer Feeder: 4111

Accessory to aid plant feeding

Hanging Basket Lance: 4113

A handy accessory for pressure sprayers

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