Optimum Hose Range


Look out for our brand new ULTIMATE hose for Spring 2013 designed by gardeners, for gardeners. Our Hozelock research and development team, at our centre of excellence for hose manufacturing, have developed the latest hose technology to create the most innovative hose available.

For those where only the ‘best’ will do, the ULTIMATE hose includes the following features:

  • Includes Super TricoflexTM technology creating an Ultralite, anti-kink and anti-twisting hose without compromising on robustness.
  • A 30 year guarantee* proves this hose to be long lasting, durable and crush proof, having gone through the most extreme testing in our Hozelock labs.
  • A 5 layer reinforced knitted structure which provides controlled flexibility and resilience.
  • The Ultralite technology makes hose 25% lighter than other hoses of the same length and diameter, making it much easier to manoeuvre in the garden.
  • Its silky texture allows it to glide smoothly through the garden, easily manoeuver and effortlessly wind onto a system without any fuss.
  • Its unique formula combines both UV and frost protection so this hose is built to last in any weather condition.
  • Available in 30M & 50M lengths

Each hose developed by Hozelock has been through a vigorous in-house testing procedure to ensure that only the best quality hoses leave the factory and are used in your garden.

Alongside the ULTIMATE Hose, Hozelock offer a hose range to cater for all needs and requirements for your garden, whether you’re an expert in the garden or starting up your new home.

Each Hozelock hose is built with advanced UV and Frost protection technology for use during all seasons throughout the year. This means it can resist between +60◦C and -20◦C without bursting and will bounce back to its original shape without effecting the hose performance. The UV resistance helps prevent fading and algae forming inside the hose.


The Hozelock ULTRA FLEX hose provides the most flexibility from a hose and offers the following:

  • A 20 year guarantee* to provide piece of mind that this hose is built to last.
  • It incorporates anti-kink and no twist technology meaning your hose will never fail to bounce right back into shape and previous tangles with hose will be a thing of the past.
  • 5 layer knitted reinforced structure for durability and desired flexibility
  • The added flexibility allows this hose to easily rewind and manoeuvre for storage, making it a joy to handle in the garden
  • Advanced UV and frost protection technology for use in all weather conditions
  • Available in 30M & 50M lengths



The Hozelock starter hose caters for those which are either starting up their new home and require a good quality product in the garden or for general use in the garden.

The starter Hose offers:

  • 10 year guarantee*.
  • Quality and durability through its 3 layer braided reinforced structure.
  • Advanced UV and frost protection technology for all weather conditions.
  • Available with starter sets which include Hozelock’s famous fittings for added convenience.
  • Available in 15M, 30M and 50M lengths

All our new hose range is available from Spring 2013, subject to availability.

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