An Introduction to Viton Industrial Sprayers

Hozelock Viton Sprayers are designed for heavy-duty applications which require resistance to more aggressive chemicals, such as Acids, Alkalis and solvents which you may not use in and around the home.

Here are some of the applications you may require a Viton sprayer for:

  • Degreasing car engines
  • Disinfecting factory or public toilets
  • Cleaning agricultural areas
  • Cleaning factory floors
  • Farm animals such as cows to fight against disease such as foot and mouth disease


Viton on Sprayers include the following features to with stand more aggressive chemicals:

  • Viton Fluoroelastomer Seals which are:
    – 4 x more hard wearing, more temperature tolerant and flexible at high temperatures
    – More resistant against Acids, Alkalis & Solvents
  • Stainless steel pump
  • Stainless steel lance
  • Stainless steel Nozzle
  • A thicker TUV* approved bottle for durability and 4 x more resistance to standard, Plus and Pro domestic sprayers
  • A dead man’s handle for safety. No on/off trigger required for TUV approval*
  • Convenient durable carry strap
  • Last drop technology to ensure you use every last drop of your chemical substance
  • Min. 2 year guarantee
  • Fully serviceable through Hozelock Spares


*an industry known German safety standard for production and quality.

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