20 Pot Automatic Watering Kit: 2756


This is a complete automatic watering starter kit. It contains everything you need to automatically water up to 20 containers or hanging baskets

A sophisticated drip irrigation system for watering pots, hanging baskets and green houses.

  • A starter kit with all necessary pipe and fittings - it can be extended and upgraded with the purchase of additional componants.
  • Contains an AC1+ water computer. This is a  battery powered (not supplied requires 2 x C type) timer that attaches to any outside tap (1/2" and 3/4" BSP adaptors included). Its simple to program and turns the water on and off, watering your plants whenever you want. The timer can be set to come on as often as 4 times per day, or as infrequently as once per week. The watering duration can be set from 1 min to 180 mins. Great for holiday watering.
  • A pressure regulator (included) attaches to the water computer and connects to the 13mm pipeline.
  • The kit contains 15m of 13mm pipeline. This carries water all around the garden. Extra hose is available and it can be extended to a maximum of 50m.
  • Also included is 10m of 4mm micro pipeline, this connects onto the 13mm pipeline and takes water to the plants.
  • This kit is supplied with 20 4lph auto cleaning pressure compensating drippers, these are pushed into the 4mm micro pipeline and drip water into the container plants. (Other mini drippers and sprinklers are available)
  • End caps, wall fixings, stakes and instructions are also supplied.