Case Studies

Emma M - Human Resource Manager

I joined Hozelock in 2003 as Senior HR Officer for the Assembly Plant. I adapted well to the fast-paced, seasonal nature of the business and have been lucky enough to benefit from lots of professional development activities (something to do with my tenacious approach!) and have progressed to become head of HR for Hozelock Limited.

Our culture is non-political, more so than anywhere else I have worked and the inclusive  and transparent communication model means that the whole business is working towards the same goals, which makes a big difference. The organisation has changed dramatically since I joined and it's great to see the positive effects of the changes. I enjoy my role and am motivated by the challenges that a seasonal business presents.

Nick J - Studio Manager

Initially my role at Hozelock was a freelance one before being offered the position of Graphic Designer in 1995. Within 12 months I was promoted to Design Controller, managing a team of 2 designers. Over the last 13 years I have developed a confidence in dealing with people at all levels and the business has acknowledged my skills and allowed me to develop and manage a highly successful design studio.

As a creative person I enjoy challenges and continue to see the business evolve and play my own part in that development. Traditionally the workload gets pretty hectic through the spring and summer developing catalogues in 21 different languages! Without a doubt the most enjoyable part of my job is the people. Since day one, I have had the good fortune to work with a great bunch of people. Hozelock has a friendly working atmosphere and having a laugh whilst working hard is what it's all about for me!

Eric D -  Design Engineer

I was pretty apprehensive on first joining Hozelock as they used processes that I had no experience of and the design office was tiny compared to what I was used to. Over the last 20 years my job has changed dramatically with the automated CAD systems we now use and I find myself the oldest member of the design team! The Company has provided access to many training and development activities over the years and I think I have learned to be a lot more patient than I was, which comes from working with other people every day.

Most people have heard of the Hozelock brand but for those who haven't, I liken the business to the motor industry where timescales, cost and quality are absolutely vital. My favourite things about the culture at Hozelock is the willingness to take a risk on a new product and my involvement on the communication committee, which I really enjoy.

Sarah M - Procurement Team Leader

I joined Hozelock as Purchasing Administrator five years ago and the business has moved on dramatically since then. I moved into the Procurement team in 2004 and have now progressed to lead the Procurement team. I have also managed to fit in a period of maternity leave and have been able to change my hours since returning to balance my work and home life and manage my role as a new Mum!

It is a challenging environment but also very friendly and relaxed where people are willing to help. We are always working to improve the business and a good example is the communication committee of which I am a member. We meet quarterly to raise issues and ideas with our Managing Director and he is always very open to our suggestions. We have achieved many improvements through this team. My favourite thing about my job is the great people I work with but the cooked breakfast is also well worth a mention!

Gary C - Transport Scheduler

I initially joined Hozelock on a 2-week contract and 25 years later I am still here! I think that if something feels right, why change it? During my time here I have been a warehouse operative, HGV driver and after an accident left me unable to drive I was re-trained as a transport scheduler, which is the role I now thoroughly enjoy. The business has changed a lot since I joined when there were only 10 people in the warehouse, as there are now 90!

I have benefited from lots of training and development in my career at Hozelock, especially support with improving my computer skills and I am now taking a leadership course to develop further skills. My favourite things about Hozelock are the great people I work with and the positive 'can do' approach that is present in the business as a whole. When talking to people about Hozelock I always tell them it's a great place to work.

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