Recruitment Process

What happens when you send your CV to us?

Your CV is assessed by the HR team and if it appears to be a good fit it is sent to the manager recruiting for the role. He or she will then shortlist for interview and we will contact you to arrange a meeting. This is usually done by phone or email to speed up the process.

The process depends on the role and the style of the recruiting manager, as well as your input. We firmly believe that recruitment is a two-way process. The steps below are some more common ones but we will tell you about what will actually happen when we contact you.

1. The first interview is to find out more about your experience to see if you can practically do the job. There is also an element of 'fit' with the existing team and determining your development aspirations. It is usually an informal meeting in style so you are at ease and can really sell yourself as well as finding out as much as possible about us.

2. We sometimes use an online psychometric profile to provide focus for a second interview. Your profile is measured against the role to tell us about your natural style and how you might perform in certain situations. This enables us to ask the right questions at to make sure we find the perfect match.

3. A second interview is about getting the right 'fit' for the role, team and culture at Hozelock. We know you could do the job, but is the personality fit right, can we offer the development you are hoping to achieve, and will you thrive in the working environment we offer? The meeting will usually be with different people, sometimes a small panel but retaining the informal style of the process. We want to 'see you' in the role working alongside us and this gives you a great opportunity to find out as much about our business as possible, as you have direct access to people from other parts of the business who may be your colleagues.

4. We will usually include an opportunity to tour our site so you can see how we work. This will include our plastic processing areas, assembly plant and distribution centre, to give you a complete overview of our Birmingham site.

5. The final part of the recruitment process is where we may want to take verbal references from your previous employer, customers or contractors to help finalise our decision. However you can rest assured we will never contact anyone without your permission.

6. When we reach the offer stage, we will contact you usually by phone to tell you the good news! We will outline key parts of the offer and put the details in writing. There is the time for you to ask any final questions , and we hope for verbal acceptance at this stage.

7. Finally, we keep in touch until you join us to plan a proper induction. Sometimes there are training days, customer visits, trade shows or social events happening where you can meet your new colleagues and feel more at home on your first day.

If for any reason we do not feel that there is a potential match and you are not invited to the next stage of the process, you will be offered feedback on the reasons why. This can be as detailed or as general as you like, so feel free to ask as many questions as you find helpful.

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